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This is a Hardcore survival map that spawns you on an island with a lone tree. Your goal is to survive and complete 10 challenges.

Sounds fun right? It is fun.. I have already tried Survival island in my own Minecraft. At first, its very hard to mine and build things. But after a while u will see that its fun! The feeling of making your own house from little bits of wood into a huge thing! Well, playing survival with no goals sucks right? So the developer (Ashien) gave us some awesome + hard goals to accomplish while playing this map. Me, haven't done them, but its fun to try out Surviving in this map. Intelligence must be used in order to survive!

Sadly it has been discontinued, but of course the map will still work with Minecraft future and current versions. But for those of you that have not tried this map out yet, you must!


1. Don’t leave the island
2. play on at least normal
3. no cheating


1. Build a two story house/base with at least 20+ windows.
2. Build 10 bookcases.
3. Build an automated cactus farm.
4. Build an under ground tree farm.
5. Build an above ground animal trap.
6. Build a drowning trap around the skeleton spawner.
7. Build a cart system.
8. Build something with redstone.
9. Gather 10 unused diamonds.
10. Find the treasure left behind by the Lost Curator.Try to complete those without cheating!


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