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There have been a lot of requests online for a version of minecraft that can be played at school or any other area without being blocked by the schools/other area's security system. Some places may not have this problem but many do. So I have put together the necessary files for you to do this! Along with the download, there will be very detailed instructions on how to get it up and running. Also a tutorial video. Please note that this is minecraft version 1.4.7/1.5.2 and can only be played offline (Unless of course you can connect to

1.) Download the Minecraft Files at the bottom of the page.
2.) Click Save File and wait for files to finish downloading.
3.) For Security Scans, click HERE. Secondary HERE.
4.) Open the .zip File and click Extract All.

5.) Once you have extracted the files, There will be three icons in the new folder. Drag the one labled Application Data to your desktop.

6.) Open the Application Data folder and you will see this menu. The floders may vary from the ones in the image.

7.) Now click and drag the .minecraft folder into the Application Data folder.


8.) You can exit out of the Application Data folder now. Drag the Minecraft Application to your desktop or where ever you want it to be.

9.) Close out of the last folder and run the Minecraft.exe that is now on your desktop. Push login. ( It will show my login info but its not accurate) ;)
10.) An error will be displayed that says could not connect to There will be 2 options, Retry or Play Offline. Click Play Offline and enjoy playing MC at school!

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