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Minecraft Cube Bots Mod

This mod adds little cubes into your world that
go around and do your daily chores for you while you are off adventuring!

Too Many Items Mod

This is a mod that adds a menu to your screen
when you open your inventory. This menu has
every game item that you can use.

Minecraft ModLoader

This mod is kind of like a mod manager, that stops conflicts with mods that alter rendering, recipes, add entities, gui, smeltables or fuel.

Dragon Mount Mod

Have you beaten the end and taken the useless dragon egg? Now that egg is not rendered usless because you can hatch and tame it!

Minecraft BiblioCraft

BiblioCraft is a fairly simple mod that adds 7 new types of unique storage blocks to display a few different items.

Sophisticated Wolves Mod

Its a mod that aims to improve wolves in the game through a series of gameplay tweaks, AI improvement, and added features.

Minecraft More Pistons Mod

Do you think this is going to be just another mod with pistons? Thats becausse you are right. But, these ones have something special about them.

Minecraft Household Gods Mod

This mod adds statues of gods all around your map for you to find. And each one gives you a special power to help you in your adventures.

Wolves+ Mod

This mod adds more wolves into the game and gives them and the previously existing wolf special powers.

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